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Welcome to Crone's Nest Enterprises 

This website is the virtual theatre where I share my work as a Creative 

and an advocate for women’s rights.

I just turned 73, and believe me, it’s  not easy being a crone, paraplegic, confined to a powerchair, and still wanting to dance.

I’ve been a traveler and a gypsy all my life, never staying in one place long enough to call it home, until now. I would never have believed I would fall in love with the chilly, rain-soaked Northwest. But here I am, rolling through this last aspect of the Triple Goddess, living in a high rise artist’s loft, overlooking Puget Sound. Some days, I am level with the clouds, and some days, I am the clouds.

Life is good, and under the umbrella of Crone’s Nest Enterprises, I continuing to create, and solidify my creative impulses into paintings, poetry, stories, social gatherings of all kinds, books, art shows and my Secret Pot Brownie Recipe.  I love sharing, so feel free to explore and stay in touch.

 Thanks for visiting.    ~Ru

 The Nature of My Reality

The Question radiates in my mind

Like a pebble striking water

Where did I come from?

Where am I right now?

One foot stuck in the past,

The other reaching out for the numinous future

There is an army of me,

Each persistent and skilled in her task,

Tendrils of memory flung back

lassoing recipes and random facts

about car mileage, weather patterns,

And how to care for cats.

I am so much and so many souls

Rolled up into one ever-present bundle,

My own black hole,

In my own universe,

Everything comes to me,

To be swallowed and forged down

Into the heavy material world

That creates this present reality.

Nothing is ever wasted,

Nothing ever lost.

                                                                            ~Ru Otto  2019

Mission Statement

I live to inspire people through my writings and paintings.

Join the Women on Wheels (WOW)

Ru Otto’s Crone’s Nest Enterprises supports Women On Wheels, a social club for women in wheelchairs . Join us for our monthly meetings, where we empower one another while sharing good food, knowledge, experiences and skills. "Girls just want to have fun!" Some topics up for discussion: Travel, Philanthropy, Online Magazine, Facebook Page, Meet-up, Accessibility and Dating. Do you know something we don't know? Let's find out.

Our next luncheon is December 3, 2019

at Artspace Everett Lofts Community Room

2917 Hoyt Ave   Everett WA

Noon-2 PM


 For further inquiries or concerns, contact me in Everett, Washington.   360-349-2334

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